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Kaufmann+Koop is the design collective of Lena Koop and Tim Kaufmann, based in Constance and Nuremberg, Germany. Strategic conception and a collaborative design process are the basis of our work. Together with our clients, we create thoughtful and long-lasting design solutions. We design visual identities, books, publications and websites for companies as well as educational and cultural institutions.

Eldorado BErgsport


Since its opening in spring 2019, the mountain sports store has become an authority for climbing and outdoor supplies in Nuremberg. We accompanied the team around the owner Tobias Plail from the beginning and developed an independent visual language that puts "being outdoors" and the passion for alpine sports in the center of the identity. All printed matter and advertising materials are based on Tobias' nature and climbing photographs. For the design we oriented ourselves on alpine guides, hiking maps and climbing topos of the 1970s and 80s. Accompanying the opening, we designed a campaign that was spread via posters and postcards.

Kurfürst maximilian kulturGymnasium


Founded in 1629, the Kurfürst Maximilian Gymnasium in Burghausen is one of the oldest schools in Bavaria. Since 2016, we have been accompanying the school on the river on its way to becoming a »cultural high school«. Together with the newly designed logo, which refers to the school's location directly on the Salzach river, we developed a clear, balanced identity. It combines the school's traditional history and historical architecture with modern school life in the form of clear typography, copper color areas, white uncoated paper and graphic comb and wave structures. We created a consistent visual design system that allows students and teachers alike to identify as a vibrant and stable community. Our design work included print and promotional materials, website, social media, school textiles, school mascots, annual reports, and an orientation system for the large-scale school campus.

Shift Fitness


In the course of a comprehensive re-branding, we generated the essence of a new mission statement together with the coaches and members of the former "Crossfit Box Konstanz" and developed a new name. "Shift" stands for refocus, progression and growth on an individual and community level: "Shifting focus" towards fitness, health and community. The flexible, transformative design system visualizes the diversity of the members and the shared training, as well as the sequential progression of the sport.


Photography (at Shift): Sophie Tichonenko

Die Lehrtätigkeit Josef-Müller Brockmanns


Josef Müller-Brockmann is considered one of the best known representatives of Swiss Graphic Design. This research analyzes Müller-Brockmann as a teacher at the "School of Applied Arts Zurich" from 1957 to 1960, correlating his teaching with his personality, his former students, and his time. As part of the thesis, student work and interviews with former students provide insight into this era in Müller-Brockmann's life. Design history research and contemporary design come together in the two resulting publications. The two books were presented at the Zurich University of the Arts in 2017.

Franziska BRehm


Franziska Brehm leads rhetoric seminars and works with national and international clients on professional communication. For her visual identity, we focused on her essential working tool, the spoken word, and worked with purely typographic design elements. A soft, clear imagery as well as a characterful, elegant corporate color accompany the textual design.



Jonathan Danko Kielkowski's photo book features images of the world's northernmost coal mine and the former Soviet coal settlement Pyramiden on Spitsbergen, which is abandoned since the late 1990s. The cover's typography is a replica of a stencil lettering from inside the coal mine, which, like the Pyramiden settlement itself, is enclosed in Arctic ice blue. Using the grotesque font "GT Eesti," which had its origins in the 1940s Soviet Union, the text section of the book resembles the purist constructions of abandoned Soviet architecture. The book was published to accompany an exhibition at the »Forum für Fotografie« in Cologne in January 2019.


Creative Direction: Helge Schlaghecke (White Press Verlag)

Photography: Jonathan Danko Kielkowski

Text: Dr. Christoph Schaden

Bootshaus Nürnberg


Bootshaus is a restaurant with a lakeside terrace on the banks of Nuremberg's Dutzendteich lake. For the opening in spring 2018, we developed a design concept that combines the maritime esprit and natural chic of the light-flooded location with lake view. The logo features a circular spreading wave shape as a reference to the waterfront location.  Kraft cardboard and natural papers create tactile naturalness while the elegant shapes of the font "Domaine" exude a certain savoir-vivre. Warm light and Mediterranean flora characterize the accompanying photographic imagery.


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